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Protection Long-term

The environment has a severe impact on metal, producing corrosive elements that damage products such as pipelines. PCS' products are designed to help eliminate damage against your assets. Replacing and/or repairing broken pipelines or materials - above or below ground - can be extremely expensive. Taking initiative to properly secure piplines and other materials is the first step to ensuring long-term success of your products. Utilizing PCS' high quality products also assists with long-term growth of customer satisfaction.


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Our Company

1. Protect Your Investments
2. Long-Term Savings
3. Outstanding Customer Service

Petro Coating Systems Our Company

Leader in Manufacturing

Petro Coating Systems Ltd. and boasts the
most technologically advanced petrolatum tape
manufacturing plant in North America.

Petro Coating Systems Leader in Manufacturing

Ultra-Lite Mastic

Based upon petrolatum compound blended with inert fillers, corrosion inhibitors. Formulated for stability over a wide temperature range

Petro Coating Systems Ultra-Lite Mastic




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